Electronic Plating Equipment With Barrel

Electronic Plating Equipment W

Electronic Plating Equipment 1.low cost 2.enviroment...

Tumbler polishing machine

Tumbler polishing machine

1. High quality 2. Size : 60 L - 1000L 3.Rubber lining:6-15mm ...

Polishing wheel grinding head/Grinding head

Polishing wheel grinding head/

High quality grinding cone for marble/metal/glass/diamond 1.Density:0.35-0.7g/c...

China manufacture blue flap disc

China manufacture blue flap di

blue flap disc 1.high quality 2.High speed 3.Low cost...

Linyi cut off wheel in abrasive tools

Linyi cut off wheel in abrasiv

1.Anti-clogging 2.High surface removing rate 3.Wear-resistant ,durable 4.Good...

Linyi sharpener stone with base

Linyi sharpener stone with bas

1). Saving electricity, 2). High efficiency 3). High glossiness 4). High qual...

custom design abrasive belt made in China

custom design abrasive belt ma

Made with premium open coat aluminum oxide grain X-weight cloth backing Res...

Hot selling low price grinding flap disc

Hot selling low price grinding

Cloth Material: Fused Alumina Zirconia Feature : 1.strong elasticity 2.goo...

 plastic backing flap disc

plastic backing flap disc

Cloth Material: Fused Alumina Zirconia Feature : 1.strong elasticity 2.good ...

Black Silicon Carbide / Abrasive Silicon Carbide material

Black Silicon Carbide / Abrasi

Feature : 1. high quality 2.the raw material of polishing stone  3.surface p...

Oval whetstone / ship-type sharpening stone

Oval whetstone / ship-type sha

Abrasive type green ship shape grinding whetstone honing stone Sharpening stone...

Wire brushes / Steel Wire Wheel

Wire brushes / Steel Wire Whee

1.Material: steel wire 0.5 2.Size:3" -6" etc 3.Part no. BRSW 4.Function:Id...


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