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Round sandpaper-Welcome warmly our Customer!

Round sandpaper -- Welcome warmly our Customer!

We are very happy that you have come all the way from the Slovakia to visit our company.We are very proud and honored to have a distinguished group of guests such as you to our company.


Our staff and employees did their best to make customer visit comfortable and worthwhile. we introduced to our customers our newly built plant and research center.Please do not hesitate to ask questions you might want to ask.


We want to extend our warmest welcome to all of you,and sincerely hope that your visit here will be worthwhile and meaningful.

About Round sandpaper:

We have our own factory , so we could produce all kinds of Round sandpaper according your requirements,

and meantime promise quality for you ,please don't worry.

Application Round sandpaper:

If you are interested in our products ,please feel free to contact with us , we will do our best to help you ,

Please don't worry.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Contact Information:


Whats App:+86 13047479452

Skype ID:+ 86 17051215203

We chat: +86 13047479452


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Phone: 008618053977763

Tel: 86-539-8314779

Email: tongda12@tongdags.com

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