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  • Linyi cut off wheel in abrasive tools
  • Linyi cut off wheel in abrasive tools
Linyi cut off wheel in abrasive toolsLinyi cut off wheel in abrasive tools

Linyi cut off wheel in abrasive tools

  • Size : 4
  • Net: Single and double net
  • Color: red,green ,black
  • material: Alumina Oxide etc
  • Product description: 1.Anti-clogging 2.High surface removing rate 3.Wear-resistant ,durable 4.Good capacity of heat releasing 5.Green hook and loop fastener polishing abrasive Sandpaper with hole sanding disk

1> Product Informaton

Thickness: 1- 3 mm. Material: Aluminium oxide ,White corundum ,

Fast straight cuts in steel & general purpose metals.

Available in sizes

4 inch : 107mm x 1.2mm x 16 mm
5 inch : 125mm x 1.2mm x 22 mm
9 inch : 230mm x 3 mm x 22mm
14 inch : 355mm x2.5 /3.2mm x 25.4mm etc

Our metal cutting discs are also available in 1mm thickness.

We also supply stone cutting discs for masonry, stone & cast iron as well as grinding discs for metal or stone.

2> Application :

1.metal cutting discs for metal:

These cutting wheels are used for cutting metal such as steel pipe, armor plate and so on. It is testified that this product is safe and durable. Many southeast customers like to order this one.

2. metal cutting discs for stainless steel:

Flat cutting wheel is suitable for stainless steel and all kinds of acid proof steels. There is no iron, sulfur of halide etc materials in it

3. metal cutting discs for stone and glass:

The precision tool is for stone treatment. It is a low-cost alternative to diamond cutting discs. Flat cutting wheels can make maximum precision cut-outs and clean cutting edges with almost no cavities in glazes.

3 > Package :

For 4 inch :

50 pcs per plastic box , 1000 pcs per carton

14 inch : 25 pcs per carton

4> Contact Information:


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Any question,please feel free  contact me !

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