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  • Linyi sharpener stone with base
  • Linyi sharpener stone with base
Linyi sharpener stone with baseLinyi sharpener stone with base

Linyi sharpener stone with base

  • Material: Alumina Oxide etc
  • Color: Red,blue ,black etc
  • Grit: 1000 # - 6000# etc
  • OEM :YES
  • Product description: 1). Saving electricity, 2). High efficiency 3). High glossiness 4). High quality

1000/4000.1000/6000 ,3000/8000 whetstone/sharpening stone

Feature of sharpening stone:

1. Standard size : 180 mm x 60 mm x 30 mm

2. Material : Aluminum Oxide , White corundum

3. Color : Red/White, blue/white , green/white,orange/white and customized

Advantages of sharpening stone:

1). Saving electricity: can be used to grind stone with less power because of its sharpness. This can reduce the stress of grind head, thereby reduce machine' abrasion and stone's dilapidation.

2). High efficiency: It can raise the transmission speed of conveyer belt; Thereby improve the efficiency for its sharpness and abrasion resistance.

3). High glossiness: can improve stone glossiness more than 10 degree. For adopting advanced technology, diamond fickert can totally avoid the        unstable of brick quality that caused by magnesia activation reduction and conservation condition's change during the production.

4). High quality: With more than 10 year’s research, our metal diamond fickerts are very high quality, hot sell in Brazil, European and other

many markets, used for rough grinding granite slabs.

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