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  •  plastic backing flap disc
 plastic backing flap disc plastic backing flap disc

plastic backing flap disc

  • Size : 4''--7''
  • Quantity of blade : 72 , 80 , 90
  • Cover : Plastic , Fiber glass
  • Color : black
  • Product description: Cloth Material: Fused Alumina Zirconia Feature : 1.strong elasticity 2.good frosted effect 3.grinding speed is fast 4.can interchanged with cymbals grinder. 5.Long service life Application : g

Premium high quality plastic backing flap disc

Emery wheels are versatile grinding and finishing tool,consisting of three main components:a backing plate,adhesive,and abrasive cloth flaps.The rectangular flaps are overlapped and glued to the backing plate.Flap discs are designed for right angle grinder applications ranging from heavy stock removal to surface blending.

The standard Size :

1.OD: 100mm 115mm 125mm 150mm 180mm

2.ID : 16mm 22mm

3. Length of sand cloth :22mm 23mm

4. Width of sand cloth : 12mm 15mm 17mm 18mm       19mm

5. Diameter of net cover : 75mm 88mm 90mm

6. Quantity of sand cloth pieces: 72  80  90

(customized welcomed)

Grit : 40# 60# 80# 120# 240#

The packaging and shipping :

1.10 pieces or 20 pieces of a plastic seal

2. 200pcs to 500pcs of a box

3. A container can carry 220,000 pieces .

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