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  • hot sale sandpaper / sanding paper
hot sale sandpaper / sanding paper

hot sale sandpaper / sanding paper

  • Grit: 40 -2000 # etc
  • Material: Alumina Oxide etc
  • Color: red ,black etc
  • Application: wood,iron,metal
  • Product description: 1>Characteristic   1)Soft tear cloth substrate,even sand surface 2)Smooth coating surface 3)For hand use&hand tool     2>Application  Good for grinding wood, light, handicraft,metal by hand 

hot sale sandpaper / sanding paper 

Introduction of sandpaper:

(1).Abrasive paper has carried on the silicon carbide special treatment, with excellent water-resistant, so it can be used both in dry or wet environment.
(2).Abrasive paper id with fine grit, which can grind some texture workpieces and is suit for post processing.
(3).Abrasive paper is generally grinding in wet environment, so the working condition is better with less dust.
(4).Good toughness, good polishing effect, high efficiency, long service life, excellent water-proof function, etc
(5).Select high quality natural abrasive, then use advanced production technology.

Application of sandpaper:

Sand paper can be used for mold surface precise sanding, and also in stone, metal steel mold polishing and shaping, lacquer surface, mirror surface treatment, back paper is flexible, with tenacity, back paper and abrasive surface is subtle and durable, the sanding efficiency is guaranteed, it can be widely used in autobody bottom sanding, hard-surface sanding, metal, wood, glass, plastic, leather, paint, cellphone crust, digital camera crust, varnish and stone surface cutting and polishing, jewellery, mold, mechanism, artcraft etc.

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