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  • Electronic Plating Equipment With Barrel
Electronic Plating Equipment With Barrel

Electronic Plating Equipment With Barrel

  • Nickel
  • Zinc
  • Copper
  • Chrome
  • Product description: Electronic Plating Equipment 1.low cost 2.enviroment

Features of electronic plating equipment:

1.This device can Zinc plating,Nickel electroplating,Electrolytic polishing of stainless steel,copper plating.

2. Size: Customized according to customer requirements

3.Specializing in the supply of electroplating equipment, electroplating materials

4. Product size can be customized.

If you want to know the electroplating machine price, please contact with us , we will custom the machine according your processing .

The Parameter of electronic plating equipment:

1. Item

electronic plating machine

2. Material of tank:

PP, PVC, Stainless steel

3. Material of transporter:

SUS304, SUS201, SS41

4. Material of framework

SUS304, SUS201, SS41


Automatic, Semi – automatic, Manual

6. Control system:

PLC, PC, PCS, Computer control

7. Heating model

Electronic, Steam, Hot water

8.Surrounding equipments

Rectifiers, Filters, Pipe, Air blower, waste gas treatment system and so on

9. Warranty:

18 months (Considering the time for assemble and test. We extend the time from 12 month to 18 month.


Flexible design, safe, stable and high strength

11. Application:

Different kind of plating for metal and plastic products.


1 input voltage: AC220/380V

2 output DC current: DC0 ~ 10A, 100A...... 10000A optional;

3 output DC voltage: DC ~ 0 ~ 6V,...... 18V optional;

4 voltage accuracy: ≤1%

5 current accuracy: ≤1%

6 efficiency:≥90%

7 temperature: -20℃-45℃

8 working condition: full load for a long time.

9 operating modes: remote voltage, current display

10 panel display: output voltage, current display

Drying machine:

Production capacity: 1000-1500 kg / h

Speed: 1450 rpm

Motor power: 7.5kw 380V four motor

Belt type: B type

Specification: high 1.9m diameter 0.6m


The main filter using PP plastic injection molding, assembling and replacing simple.

The pump seal without magnetic type design, no leakage.

The filter is divided into core type, filter type design, high filtration accuracy

Standard equipment: power switch ON-OFF buckle switch.

Our Factory :

We have the most professional enginner and could design the specail line for you !!!!!!

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