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  • Professional polishing tools abrasive belt
Professional polishing tools abrasive belt

Professional polishing tools abrasive belt

  • Size : Customized
  • Type : Wide and narrow
  • material : A ZA C
  • Color : brown , blue
  • Product description: Feature : 1. high quality 2. Flexible 3. Long service life 4. Suitable for the sanding machine , polishing wood , stamp , bur etc .

Professional polishing tools abrasive belt

Sanding belt can be widely used in automobiles, electric machinery metal goods, furniture instrument, handicraft article, plastic, leather, stone surface cutting and polishing, jewelry, mold etc. The sanding efficiency is guaranteed. It can be used for mold surface precise sanding, and also in stone, lacquer surface, mirror surface treatment.


TONGDA premium high quality sanding belt 


Aluminum oxide


High strength resin




maroon, red, black ,blue

Grit Range:



1>Tough abrasive grain

2> Good aggression

3> Flexibility

4> Long life performance

5> Low polishing cost in total

6>Specially designed for auto bodywork and furniture

7>Can be used on all unfinished and painted surfaces


Grinding and cleaning, removing paint, masking small surface, pipes and the inside 

surfaces of holes, deburring, removing small and large protruding welded surfaces, 

welding sports and scale.

The special butt joint minimises the effect of vibration caused by the joint travel 


Packaging Detail:standard plywood case of zinc oxide abrasive sandpaper

Delivery Time:10-15 working days



Q1:Are you trading company or manufacturer?
A1.We are professional manufacturer for many years experience on abrasive cutting and grinding products.

Q2:Do you have any safe certifications?
A2.Yes,we have ISO9001 certifications and MPA certification.

Q3: Can u accept OEM order?
A3: yes, we accept OEM order, most time we do OEM order, label and package as customers’ requirements.


We are being on service of you within 24 hours,welcome your inquiry any time!

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